Patterns Even A Blind Rooster Will Love

The question I'm asked most is, who the heck is Ro Ro.

Ro Ro is my silkie rooster. He hatched here in 2021 and lived quite happily in our coop with his ladies until early spring 2023. He developed a respiratory infection that almost killed him.

After more than a month of hand feeding and pampering, Ro Ro recovered from his illness. Unfortunately, he lost sight in one of his eyes (for a while, we thought he was going to be completely blind, so this was actually good news).

He wasn't able to rejoin his flock - the other roosters wouldn't accept him. So, he became my house rooster and biggest critic. He stays by my side, helps me design and approves everything before it makes it's way to you.

meet the founder

Hello. I'm Deon.

Hello and welcome!

I live in my own little piece of paradise in Ontario, Canada with my husband, my many, many chickens, cats and my dogs (Gus the dog is the love of my life, after Ro Ro, of course)

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

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